Note from the Owner:

I’d like to introduce myself; my name is James Best and I’ve been in the trucking business since 2015.  I started as a company guy with Schneider, home every day, running the Wal-Mart account.  I’ve always had the Entrepreneurial spirit and always strive to push myself to the next level.  So, after two years I decided to become an owner operator.  I had the credit and the business sense to be able to purchase a truck but was uncertain whether I, or my family, would like the life style of over the road trucking so I went with a Lease Purchase, with this if I found the life style was not for “us” then I could simply give the truck back with a small monetary penalty.  After running OTR for 3 months we found that the life style wasn’t as bad as we feared, so we decided to comit to the business and purchased a truck.  Weeks later I had a friend offer me an opportunity to run the spot market under his authority, though I was comfortable where I was at, I couldn’t refuse the opportunity.  Two years later I got my own authority and become a carrier, Best Motor Carriers, LLC, MC# 1089747.  Months later I realized that trying to get customers as a one truck one trailer operation was very difficult, so I opened a brokerage, Best Logistics, LLC, MC# 1119651, now I could commit to moving more than just one load at a time.  


As a carrier we do everything we can to provide you the best opportunity to make the most revenue.  We provide access to all the "click and go" apps as well as the DAT at no charge to you.  We also have the flexibility to pay you after each load or once a week, that choice is up to you.  Along with the savings of the load board you'll also have the savings benefit of the NASTC Fuel Card.


As a contractor with Best Motor Carriers, you will get the top rate when you book loads with our Brokerage.  Please consider our brokerage as yours.  When you find yourself picking up at the same locations, feel free to give the transportation manager our contact information.  We could possibly give them better service and you a better rate.